Some Favorite Route 66 Photochrome Postcards

Boots Court Motel
The Boots Court in Carthage, Missouri, was built by Arthur Boots in 1939 and the main building has a rounded streamlined look. The metal chairs look to be conveniently placed for watching all the traffic going by on Route 66. A gabled roof was added to the structure later but the flat roof was restored in 2013. Restoration of the Boots Court continues today and several renovated rooms are available for overnight travelers. This postcard was printed in 1958. (Curteichcolor 8C-K874)

Rainbow Cafe
The Rainbow Café was located in Miami, Oklahoma, and seems typical of a small Midwestern café. You have to love the red and white Coca-Cola® signs, the decorative false-front façade, the glass vestibule entrance, the green and white striped awnings, the red and blue mailbox, and the tall signboard out front with the happy chef serving up the food. But what seems particularly artsy to me is the angle that the photographer chose such that the cars in the foreground seem to point to the building.

Mark Restaurant
The Mark Restaurant in Weatherford, Oklahoma, shared the grounds with the Mark Motor Hotel. This is a modern roadside restaurant and coffee shop. What I liked about this postcard is the Chicken in the Rough® emblem in the fancy front signboard. The cars lining the parking lot are very typical of the era: all of them are American cars from the late 1950s and into the early 1960s except the popular import, the Volkswagen beetle sedan. (Scenic Color Card SCC-201)

Spence & Russell Gasoline
The Spence & Russell Service Station was in Sayre, Oklahoma, and is typical of many 1950s-era roadside gasoline stations. There is a more substantial building in the rear that was perhaps used for vehicle service and repairs. The gas pumps have some ornamentation on top which I can not quite figure out. I like the background of nearly-flat nothingness as it captures the look of much of Route 66 in Texas and western Oklahoma. (Baxter Lane 8909)