Some Favorite Route 66 Photochrome Postcards

Maverick Restaurant
This Maverick Restaurant in Shamrock, Texas, is a triple-view photochrome postcard. Multi-view postcards have the potential of greater interest since they show several different views of the business. And what's not to like about the choice of these three images? You have an exterior view with a parking lot full of American automobiles from the early 1960s, an interior view of patrons enjoying their meals with uniformed waitresses moving about, and a night-time view that shows off the illuminated signboard and squiggly yellow arrow. (Baxter Lane 9308.)

Glenrio, New Mexico
The Texas Longhorn Café and Motel was the principal business in the border town of Glenrio, Texas and New Mexico. The postcard views include the interior of the busy café, a row of motel rooms (the trees look to be fairly effective at shading the parking area), and the café and gas pumps. Notice the water tank and windmill in the background. (The windmill was probably used to lift the water from the well and into the tank.) The Texas Longhorn was known as the "First Stop in Texas" to east-bound travelers, and the "Last Stop in Texas" to west-bound travelers.

Jene's Teepee
Teepee Curios today a traveler shop in Tucumcari, New Mexico. The building once was Jene's Texaco Service but when the Interstate bypassed Tucumcari the building was re-purposed. The Teepee Curios neon sign on the pole and the painted Indian designs on the building are all great but the wigwam vestibule is the leading architectural element that makes the building most interesting. (Petley 140119)

La Cita Restaurant
The La Cita Restaurant in Tucumcari, New Mexico, is at the corner of old Route 66 and First Street. The sparkling signboard and the giant sombrero perched on the restaurant entrance vestibule are attention-getting architectural features that are still there today. The sundown view of this postcard is interesting and gives a hint of the neon brightness that will follow as the sun sets. (Le Deane 57726-B)