Some Favorite Route 66 Photochrome Postcards

The Motoraunt Coffee Shop in Holbrook, Arizona, is surrounded by cars of the early 1950s. Someone got clever and named this place as a "Motor Restaurant" when it opened in 1947. It also offered Indian goods for sale. The building on Hopi Drive (old Highway 66) is operating as the Butterfield Stage Co. Steak House today. This is a very common postcard but I have always liked it for all of the old automobiles that crowd the parking lot, the interesting multi-sided front building, and the crisp printing process that McGarr employed to make this postcard. (McGarr ACK-502)

Wigwam Motel
Frank Redford designed a guest room shaped like an Indian wigwam and several motels were built to his specifications in the eastern USA. Chester Lewis negotiated permission to use the design for this motel in Holbrook, Arizona, where it continues to be operated by his family today. The large wigwam up front at the Texaco sign was replaced by a conventional rectangular gas station when the Texaco company objected to the unconventional teepee office. The gas station was later shut down and the building is now the motel office and a private museum. (Petley 7861)

Ella's Frontier
Ella's Frontier is just west of Joseph City, Arizona. Somewhat unique in the desert Southwest where stucco is prevalent, this "log cabin" structure was built from telephone poles. Frederick "San Diego" Rawson opened the business as "San Diego's Old Frontier." After many years and a couple of later owners the property passed to Ella Blackwell and it was known as Ella's Frontier. Ella suffered from mental hallucinations and other torments and she died in 1984. The building ceased being a traveler stop at that time and was used for multiple purposes for several years until it was abandoned. The weather and years are slowly turning what is left of this structure into ruins on old Highway 66.

Bazell Modern Court
I selected this Bazell Modern Court in Winslow, Arizona, postcard for the interesting design details and the color hues. The Bazell Auto Court was listed in my 1939 AAA "Directory" which stated it had public showers and trailer parking back then. It was also listed in Jack Rittenhouse's "A Guidebook to Highway 66" from 1946. Some windows have fixed awnings, there is an open vestibule on the left building, a turret-like round room on the right building, and pastel colors of light green, medium green, yellow and orange. The front part of the Bazell Modern Court seen here is being used today as a private residence and is painted an ugly brown color. The rear section has been razed. (Dexter 2743B)