Some Favorite Arizona Route 66 Linen Postcards

City Cafe Postcard
This City Café and Texaco Station postcard is Curteich 1C-H852 from 1951. This postcard illustrates the talent of Curteich's artists. A classic diner with striped awnings, a streamlined Texaco station with globes on the pumps, and a sleek circa-1950 automobile all on Route 66: what more could you want? The café building now is occupied by the Hot Rod Cafe at 1929 East Andy Devine Avenue.

Lockwood Cafe Postcard
This Lockwood Café postcard is Curteich 1C-H1297 from 1951. Also a common postcard, it is a favorite, with a stepped and irregular parapet detail. The Lockwood Café opened in 1937 "Specializing in Chicken in the Rough" as can be seen from both the window sign and from the text at the lower left. This building at 711 East Andy Devine Avenue is painted a bland gray color and is now a small Catholic Church.

Court Deluxe Postcard
This Court Deluxe postcard is Douglas Smith 89504. I really like the rock facade on the buildings and the enclosed garages, although a few guests are parking their vehicles at the door. This motel is operating today as the Deluxe Inn Motel at 123 East Chino in Seligman, which is old U.S. 66.

Ted's Fountain Postcard
This Ted's Fountain and Trading Post postcard is Tichnor 78227. I really like the bright white building with the semi-false front, the American flag, the old Coca Cola® sign, and the cars parked around the building. This distinctive building is today operating as Route 66 Historic Seligman Sundries.