Some Favorite California Route 66 Linen Postcards

Alexandria Auto Court Postcard
This Alexandria Auto Court postcard is Art Tone 17AT120. The Alexandria Auto Court was at 4562 N. Figueroa in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles. Only two of the original early buildings exist today, both as private residences and both with slightly different street numbers than 4562.

Mission Auto Court Postcard
This Mission Auto Court postcard is Colourpicture K1972. This auto court at 1150 Mt. Vernon Avenue had a tile roof, arches over some of the windows, and a covered entrance to the grounds. The complex was razed and was an empty lot for many years but its location is now new construction.

Green Spot Motel de Luxe Postcard
This Green Spot Motel postcard is Colourpicture K3288. The Green Spot is on C Street 100 feet east of 7th Street (old U.S. 66). The motel had been operated for long-term rentals only but may be closed now. The once-verdant inside courtyard is nothing but a solid expanse of concrete today.