Some Favorite California Route 66 Linen Postcards

Bella Vista Court Postcard
This Bella Vista Motor Court postcard is Curteich 0B-H831 from 1940. The property became much too valuable for an aging motel so the location is now an automobile dealership.

Hi Way Motel Postcard
This Hi Way Motel postcard is Colourpicture K2095. It was just three miles from the famous Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia.

Palm Tropics Motel Postcard
This Palm Tropics Motel & Cafe postcard is Sellers 80373. This motel appears to be very typical of the small California motor courts of the time and it is still operating today at 619 West Alosta in Glendora. (The address was adjusted from that printed on this postcard.)

20th Century Motor Hotel Postcard
This 20th Century Motor Hotel postcard is Sellers 81454. I've always like this postcard and the motel: it is still operating today at 1345 East Alosta in Glendora. The grounds are nicely landscaped and the buildings appear to be in good condition.