Some Favorite California Route 66 Linen Postcards

Andy's Motel Postcard
This Andy's Motel postcard is Art Tone 16AT162. This postcard has two nice exterior views of the motel and one great interior room view. Andy's Motel was at 2180 N. Mt. Vernon Avenue in San Bernardino. The motel has aged but it is still operating today as the Lido Motel at the same address.

Mission Auto Court Postcard
This Mission Auto Court postcard is Tichnor 65039. Room rates from $1.50 were printed on the back side. The Mission Auto Court had a tile roof, arches over some of the windows, and a covered entrance to the grounds. The buildings were razed years ago and replaced by new construction.

Desert Lodge Motel Postcard
This Desert Lodge Motel postcard is Colourpicture K5543. This motel is located at 1701 West Main Street in Barstow and it has since been renamed the 66 Motel. It was being remodeled but that work may have been suspended.

Robinson's Motel Postcard
This Robinson's Motel postcard is Colourpicture K4479. Once a member of Best Western motels, Robinson's motel is pretty tired now. Located one half block south of Broadway (old US 66), it is operating as the Robinson's Apartments.