The Court Cafe of Albuquerque

Court Cafe in Albuquerque Postcard

Everyone loves this Court Cafe in Albuquerque postcard. And what's not to love about it? It's Curteich 5A-H610 and the staff artists have made a stunning color image of the cafe facade, with strong colors and excellent detail. As pictured the cafe is covered in tile giving it a bit of an art-deco look and there is a bit of modern detail in the vertical fins that extend to the top of the building. The sign extends well into the sky. The postcard itself is in the less-common "portrait" format and has a deckled edge.

Early Route 66 entered Albuquerque from the east (north) from Santa Fe on Fourth Street and exited Albuquerque also on Fourth Street to the west (south). U.S. Highway 85 shared this alignment. Beginning in 1937 a new Route 66 cut through Tijeras Canyon for a more direct route from Santa Rosa to Albuquerque, thus bypassing the state capital of Santa Fe. From that point on Route 66 entered and exited Albuquerque on east-west Central Avenue. But when this Curteich postcard was first printed in 1935, the Court Cafe on Fourth Street was located on both U.S. 66 and U.S. 85. (I have seen a similar but later postcard that has the reference to Highway 66 removed.) But even for the fifty years or so that U.S. 66 was Central Avenue the Court Cafe was only a few doors north of 66, so it was never totally "by-passed".

The Court Cafe at one time also featured the Blue Room Cocktail Lounge. And it served Chicken in the Rough®. I've also seen the name Court Cafe and Court Bakery applied to this business too. The location of the Court Cafe is now the 4th Street Pub & Grill. Fourth Street immediately north of Central Avenue is now a pedestrian mall and automobiles are not permitted.