Some Favorite Illinois Route 66 Linen Postcards

66 Terminal Court in Staunton Postcard
This Terminal 66 Court, Cafe and Service Station postcard is MWM 10,155. I really like the big "66" and "CAFE" sign up on the steel tower in the top picture.

Subway 66 Cafe Postcard
This Subway 66 Cafe postcard is Nationwide F16088. The cafe is a classic from many years ago from the lime green and pink chairs to the chrome napkin dispensers to the bar stools in the back.

Highway Hotel Postcard
This Highway Hotel postcard is MWM A-3010. This postcard has a bit of everything: an overall view of the motel, an interior room view, and a map that shows how to get there.

Sunnyside Motel Postcard
This Sunnyside Motel postcard is Curteich 5C-H218 from 1955. This nice crisp Curteich double-view postcard is from one the closest motels to Chicago itself.