Some Favorite Missouri Route 66 Linen Postcards

Koronado Hotel Kourts in Joplin Postcard
This Koronado Hotel Kourts postcard is Curteich 3B-H663 printed in 1943. What makes this postcard so attractive is the four different views of the auto courts including a room interior, plus the text printed in different fonts and the colorful bell-hop illustration. The Koronado Hotel Kourts must have been a mini-chain as there were other locations in San Antonio and Corpus Christi, Texas.

Rest Haven Motor Court Postcard
This Rest Haven Motor Court postcard is Curteich 1C-H1360 printed in 1951. This great postcard has a view of one of the room interiors and a view of the gift shop. The Brightwells initially built four cabins with two units each in 1948. More cabins were built in a second row in 1951. A continuous motel-like building was added later and the space between the original individual cabins was filled in with more units. The Phillips 66 gasoline station was torn down in 1955.

Rock Village Court Postcard
This Rock Village Court postcard is Curteich 0C-H96 printed in 1950. There are many Rock Village Court linen postcards but this is my favorite since I am partial to the old room interior view and the dated coffee shop interior view as well as the beautiful overall view of the complex with the American flag flying overhead. Like many Missouri auto courts, the structures are all "rocked" with native stones.

Nelson Dream Village Postcard
This Nelson Dream Village postcard is Curteich 6A-H770 printed in 1936. Arthur Nelson operated his Nelson Tavern and gasoline station on US 66 since the twenties. It was said that the layout for this village came to him one night in a dream. Nelson built the Dream Village in 1934 across the street (Route 66) from his tavern. It had many rocked cabins and a musical fountain which was part of a nightly light show.