Some Favorite New Mexico Route 66 Linen Postcards

Moon Motel in Albuquerque Postcard
This Moon Motel postcard is Curteich 1C-H15 from 1951. The Moon Motel looks like a typical early auto court of the Southwest with stepped parapet details over each pair of rooms. You have to love the yellow moon in the sky.

Sleepy Hollow Court in Albuquerque Postcard
This Sleepy Hollow Court postcard is McGarr 83382. The postcard has nice color but I really like the map that shows you exactly how to get there. This old motel is now operating as a Youth Hostel.

Cactus Motor Lodge in Tucumcari Postcard
This Cactus Motor Lodge postcard is McGarr 81673. Although it is a common postcard, it is one of my favorites since it shows so many classic Southwest pueblo revival architectural details: stucco walls, rounded parapets, and wooden beams holding up the porches and projecting out as roof supports.

La Cita Restaurant In Tucumcari Postcard
This La Cita Restaurant & Curio Shop postcard is Smith 89195. That big sign must have been something to see if it was lit up with neon at night. The front area of the building could have been a screened-in porch, perhaps for dining or as the curio shop. The La Cita is today at the corner of First Street and Tucumcari Blvd. (Route 66).