Some Favorite Oklahoma Route 66 Linen Postcards

Wright's Mobil Station in Weatherford, OK, Postcard
This Wright's Mobil postcard is Singleton 13,914F. Wright's Mobilgas looks to be a great roadside business. The signboard has the old Pegasus flying horse. A steak house is in the distance but I am uncertain whether it is part of Wright's business or not.

Beverly's Drive In In Oklahoma City Postcard
This Beverly's Drive-In postcard is Curteich 1C-H3 from 1951. At one time there were multiple Beverly's in Oklahoma City but this drive-in, just one block north of the State Capitol building on U.S. 66, was the flagship. Beverly Osborne held the rights on the name and concept of Chicken in the Rough® and licensed it to many other restaurants.

Bishop's Driv-Inn in Tulsa Postcard
This Bishop's Driv-Inn postcard is Curteich 1B-H2018 from 1941. Most of us know that 11th Street was U.S. 66 through most of Tulsa but actually 66 actually jumped to 10th Street for several blocks in downtown Tulsa, including the intersection with Boston Avenue, so this "Driv-Inn", as it says, was really on U.S. 66.

Jim's Restaurant In Vinita, OK, Postcard
This Jim's Restaurant postcard is Smith's Studio's 14,116F. Who can not like this little diner? The exterior is a yellow brick with a streamlined radiused front corner with a glass block window and Coca Cola® signs are displayed prominently. The inside view is typical of a small-town diner of the time period.