Some Favorite Texas Route 66 Linen Postcards

Bailey's Motel in Amarillo Postcard
This Bailey's Motel postcard is Curteich 0C-H1305 from 1950. The creativity of the Curt Teich artists comes through again to produce an outstanding postcard image. The exterior view of the motel is not too interesting but it is combined with a rustic wooden sign and a cowboy whose lasso encircles two dated room motel room interiors.

Pueblo Court in Amarillo Postcard
This Pueblo Court postcard is Curteich 0B-H2608 from 1940. The Pueblo Court was built in the pueblo style architecture with rooms separated by garages. The postcard seems to emphasize the Standard Oil gasoline service rather than the lodging units but that makes this postcard different from many others.

Silver Spur Motel in Amarillo Postcard
This Silver Spur Motel postcard is Curteich 1C-H656 from 1951. The motel itself has a western ranch type architecure with vertical wooden boards for the wall siding. The motel sign board featuring the cowboy boot with its spur must have looked great if it was lit up at night with neon. The best image is the dated room interior. The Silver Spur motel is operating today at 4011 East Amarillo Blvd.

Smith's Motel in Amarillo Postcard
This Smith's Motel postcard is Curteich 5B-H766 from 1945. This postcard shows two views of Smith's Motel which had frontage on U.S. Highways 66 and 60 and 87 and 287. The motel architecture has a more modern, cleaner southwestern style than some of the other motor courts. The building at the left of the upper image is a barber shop.