Whiting Brothers Paper Collectibles

Fairly common paper collectibles from the Whiting Brothers include motel postcards and motel matchcovers and highway maps. (But a couple of particular motel postcards are really hard to find.) A bit more challenging to acquire is a Whiting Brothers "Courtesy Card". Most difficult to find paper collectibles are gasoline station guides and gas station matchcovers, mileage tables and other promotional or business material. The images of the paper collectibles presented on this webpage are images acquired from the internet and from my own personal collection.

Postcards and sometimes even matchcovers and highway maps can be acquired at postcard and paper shows around the USA. Matchcovers can be acquired at local matchcover club meetings or regional conventions. All items can be acquired from sellers on internet auction web sites. Retail antique stores, antique malls and general antique shows around the country may have any of these items but I have not had much success at these places.

I do not know how many different Whiting Brothers motel postcards have been created and published. Any motel that was in business over an extended period of time may be documented by a series of different postcards, a new one created perhaps when the establishment was modernized, re-painted, or expanded or when there was a name or ownership change. Or a new postcard image could be created whenever the motel management decided that it was time for a photographer to capture more modern automobiles in the parking lot. Aside from the Flagstaff motel, the two Winslow motels, and the two Holbrook motels, I have seen only one unique postcard for each of the other Whiting Brothers motels. I won't discuss Whiting Brothers postcards on this webpage since I did so fairly extensively on the motels webpage.

Whiting Brothers Matchcovers

A matchbook was a small advertising item that would remind the smoker about the business from which it was acquired every time he or she lit up. The Whiting Brothers purchased matchbooks for free distribution to customers of their motels and service stations.Nearly all matchbooks or matchcovers (matchcovers are flattened matchbooks with the staple and matches removed) that I have seen from the Whiting Brothers advertised their motels. The matchbook artwork was created to list all the locations of Whiting Brothers motels so these same matchbooks could be given away at all locations. The matchbooks were printed with red text over a yellow background like the colors of the Whiting Brothers signage. There are four different ones displayed to the left. The front cover declares that the Whiting Brothers were the "Friendliest Folks on Highway 66." The rear covers are a bit different since the artwork changed as new motels were added to the system, or perhaps as some were sold or closed.