Linen Route 66 Postcards of Texas

I included just two Greetings postcard on this web site and both are from Texas. One is from McLean and one is from Shamrock and both postcards specifically say that the town was on US 66. There are some novelty postcards featuring Alfred E. Newman and the famous mechanical postcard (the only mechanical postcard from Route 66 that I know of) from the Elite Courts in Amarillo that are not included on this table since they do not have a picture of the Elite Courts themselves.

Postcard Title Town Publisher Number Address Note 1 Note 2
Vega, Western Entrance City to Texas Vega Curteich 3B376-N 2 views
Vega Court Vega Nationwide F18435
Amarillo Cottage Camp Amarillo National Press 1616 W. 6th St. on U.S. 66 Highway
Bailey's Motel Amarillo Curteich 0C-H1305 2830 N.E. 8th Ave. 2 views Link
Biltmore Courts Amarillo Curteich 9B-H1840 4600 N.E. 8th Ave.
Broncho Lodge Amarillo Curteich 1C-H774 West 66 at the Highway Circle
Broncho Lodge Amarillo Western 17,701F West 66 at the Circle
Cactus Motel Amarillo E.B. Thomas E-13238 2830 N.E. Eighth Avenue
Capitol Garage & Service Station Amarillo National Press 3815 N.E. 8th St.
Colonial Courts Amarillo Nationwide F18328
5407 N.E. 8th
Del Camino Motel Amarillo Curteich 9B-H1691 3619 N.E. 8th Avenue
Del Camino Motel Amarillo E.B. Thomas E-13173 3619 N.E. Eighth Avenue
Dowell's Saratoga Cafe Amarillo Curteich 9B-H1750 5th and North Fillmore 2 views
Elite Courts Amarillo Curteich 6B-H1695 410 N. Fillmore 3 views
Elite Courts Amarillo National Press 1401 West Sixth on Hi-Way 66
Forest Hill Court Amarillo Curteich 3C-H652 3405 N.E. 8th
Forest Hill Court
Gables Court
Amarillo Curteich 6B-H525 3405 N.E. 8th
1901 E. 10th
2 views The Gables Court was not on US 66
Grande Tourist Court Amarillo Z.L. Bradford 46857
Grande Court Amarillo Curteich 7B-H1864 720 N. Fillmore
Grande Court Amarillo Curteich 8B-H975 720 N. Fillmore
Grande Tourist Court Amarillo Curteich 7A-H3058 600 N.E. Eighth Ave.
Graycourt Tourist Lodge Amarillo Curteich 0B-H1501 1706 N.E. Eighth Ave.
Hillcrest Motel Amarillo Curteich 1C-H296 3017 N.E. 8th Avenue 2 views
Hotel Herring Amarillo Curteich 1B-H1782 [1/2 block off of US Hwy 66]
Hotel Herring Amarillo Colourpicture K5741
[1/2 block off of US Hwy 66]
(Hotel Herring)
Old Tascosa
Amarillo Curteich 4B-H1239 [1/2 block off of US Hwy 66] 4 views
La Rose Courts Amarillo Curteich 3B-H1802 317 N.E. Eighth
Lela Mae Court Amarillo MWM A-1705 811 N. Fillmore 2 views
Long Champ Dining Salon Amarillo Curteich 8B-H70 705 N.E. 8th Ave. Interior
Long Champ Dining Salon Amarillo Curteich 9B-H686 East of City 2 views
Longhorn Lodge Motel Amarillo Nationwide 22,340F 801 N.E. Eighth Ave.
Mary Thomas Restaurant Amarillo Curteich 2C-H1153 1501 N.E. Eighth
Mexican Inn Amarillo Curteich ???? 323 West Sixth Avenue 4 views
Minnesota Courts Amarillo Curteich 9B-H588 1107 NE. 8th Avenue
Minnesota Courts Amarillo Adv. Pencil 14,478F 1107 NE. 8th Avenue
Mother Madsen's Amarillo Curteich 1B-H1576 4800 N.E. Eighth
Palo Duro Motel Amarillo Curteich 0C-H266 2820 N.E. 8th Ave. 3 views A different version of this postcard says "Palo Duro Court"
Parkview Motel Amarillo Curteich 1C-H38
Plainsman Motel Amarillo MWM 12,503F 1503 N.E. 8th Ave.
Pueblo Cibola Amarillo Curt Teich 5A-H1832
Pueblo Court Amarillo Curteich 9A-H1035 Texaco gasoline
Pueblo Court Amarillo Curteich 0B-H2608 2 views Link
Pueblo Court Amarillo Curteich 6B-H2594 3 views
Royal Palace Courts Amarillo MWM A-1205 1409 Northeast 8th St.
Silver Spur Motel Amarillo Curteich 1C-H656 4011 NE 8th Ave. 3 views Link
Skyline Motel and Coffee Shop Amarillo Curteich 1C-H1710 3 views
Smith's Motel Amarillo Curtiech 9A-H1765 806 N. Fillmore and
307 N.E. Eighth
Smith's Motel Amarillo Curteich 5B-H766 307 N.E. Eighth
806 N. Fillmore St.
Spanish Courts Amarillo Curteich 0B-H1318 742 N. Fillmore
Sunset Motel Amarillo Curteich 1C-H39 Across from Veteran's Hospital 2 views
Tha Best Tourist Court Amarillo Curteich 0B-H1782 600 N.E. Eighth Ave.
The Aristocrat Amarillo Curteich 6B-H264 119 W. Sixth Ave. Interior
Thomas Dinner House Amarillo Curteich 5B-H190 East on Highway 66 [May be the Mother Madsen's building]
Triangle Motel Amarillo Nationwide F18368
True Rest Courts Amarillo Curteich 7B-H21 2812 N.E. 8th Avenue
Vol's Motel, Restaurant & Lounge Amarillo Nationwide F16242
Hindman Hotel McLean National Press No address but it is very likely that any hotel in McLean, TX, especially if bordering two streets as this hotel is, was on Route 66 M. G. Mullanax (Owner)
McLean - On U.S. 66 McLean Curteich 5B-H959 4 views
Red Top Courts and Grocery Shamrock National Press On U.S. 66
Shamrock, Texas Entrance City to Texas on U.S. 66 Shamrock Curteich 3B-H379 3 views
Shamrock Court Shamrock Colourpicture K2949
Shamrock Court Shamrock Curteich 2C-H1002
Shamrock Wholesale Shamrock National Press No address given but it is very likely that any gasoline station in Shamrock, TX, was on Route 66
Sun 'n Sand Motel Shamrock Western Spec. 19,671F
U Drop Inn Shamrock National Press 2083-P