Linen Route 66 Postcards of Arizona

I included linen postcards from the Meteor Crater but only if they reference U.S. 66 on them. There were many scenic linen postcards from the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest in northeastern Arizona (most are from Curt Teich) but I only included one postcard (for now) because it actually referred to U.S. 66. But since U.S. 66 is not shown in the view I am thinking about simply not including scenic postcards at all from the Painted Desert or the Petrified Forest.

Postcard Title Town Publisher Number Address Note 1 Note 2
"Breath Deeply, Folks
Soon Be In Arizona!"
Welcome to Mohave County
Kingman, County Seat
Signboard near the Cal/Az state line Tichnor 60539 A spelling error and strange grammar make this sign interesting Postcard was used on page 214 of Michael Wallis' Route 66 The Mother Road
Arcadia Court Kingman Associate
Arcadia Lodge Kingman Colourpicture K3797
Bell's Motel Kingman Associate 741161
Bells Motel Kingman Colourpicture K3731 One version of this postcards says "Bells"; a second version says "Bell"
Bell Motel Kingman Smith 89206
Brandin' Iron Motor Hotel Kingman Colourpicture K6281
Casa Linda Cafe Kingman Curteich 1C-H462
City Cafe and Texaco Station Kingman Curteich 1C-H852 Texaco gasoline Link
Sal Sagev Hotel / El Trovatore Autel and Challenger Auto Court Kingman Curteich 8A-H1988 3 views Sal Sagev Hotel was in Las Vegas
Sal Sagev Hotel / El Trovatore Autel and Challenger Auto Court Kingman Curteich 6B-H682 3 views Sal Sagev Hotel was in Las Vegas
El Trovatore Kingman MWM 10,569 3 views
El Trovatore Kingman MWM 10,570 3 views
Hillcrest Motel Kingman Colourpicture K3728
Hillcrest Motel Kingman Smith 89478
Hilltop Motel Kingman Smith 88479
Hotel Beale Kingman Asco 2 views Hoover Dam shown
Kingman Motel Kingman Colourpicture K4670
Lockwood Cafe Kingman Curteich 1C-H1297 Link
Ranchito Motel Kingman Associated 24AT56
Stony Wold Motel Kingman Associate 74214
Wal-A-Pai Court Kingman Associate 2 views
Wal-A-Pai Court Kingman Curteich 3C-H1164
White Rock Court Kingman MWM 10,586F
De Luxe Cottages and Trading Post Peach Springs A.E. Taylor
O.C. Osterman Auto Court Peach Springs Curt Teich D-3445
Peach Springs Trading Post and Super Service Station Peach Springs A.E. Taylor
Court De Luxe Seligman Associate The artwork on these two postcards is identical but the text is different.
Court De Luxe Seligman Asco
Court Deluxe Seligman Smith 89504 Link
Court Unique Seligman Colourpicture K3733
Navajo Motel Seligman Lynx E-14691
Supai Motel Seligman Lynx 18,233F
Ted's Fountain and Trading Post Seligman Tichnor 78227 Link
Ted's Fountain Trading Post Seligman Tichnor 80564 Mileage Table on back
Hi-Line Modern Motor Court Ash Fork Associate Shell gasoline The artwork on these two postcards is similar but the numbered postcard has the word "COTTAGES" along the front of the gasoline pumps canopy.
Hi-Line Modern Motor Court Ash Fork Associate 34014 Shell gasoline
Bethel's Tourist Court Williams Associate 54014
Del Sue Motor Inn Williams MWM 1742 2 views
Highlander Motel Williams Smith 89820 Link
Hull's Motel Inn Williams MWM 10,888 2 views
Kaibab Motor Lodge Williams Curteich 9B-H1145
Mt. Williams Motor Court Williams Associate
Sun Dial Motel Williams Smith 87212 2 views
Sutton Hotel Cottages Williams MWM A-2584
Williams Motel Williams Colourpicture K3732 2 views
San Francisco Peaks Williams-Flagstaff Road Curteich 5B-H736
Arrowhead Lodge Flagstaff MWM A-1734 3 views
Arrowhead Lodge Flagstaff MWM A-2792
Black Cat Cafe Flagstaff Curteich 8A-H1682 Mileage table
Branding Iron Motel Flagstaff McGarr 21385
Du Beau's Motel Inn Flagstaff Colourpicture K2635 One Block So. of U.S. 66
El Rancho Flagstaff Motor Hotel Flagstaff Colourpicture K6252
Flagstaff Motor Village Flagstaff Colourpicture K3730 Mobil gasoline
Hi-Land Motel Flagstaff MWM 16,841F
Hi-Land Motel Flagstaff Smith 89818
Hotel Monte Vista Flagstaff Associate [1 block north of US 66 at the corner of San Franscisco and Aspen Streets]
Hotel Monte Vista Flagstaff McGarr 21440N 3 views
L Motel Flagstaff Colourpicture K2300 121 S. Sitgreaves St.
Lane Motel Flagstaff Colourpicture K6626 Texaco gasoline Link
Motel Sierra Vista Flagstaff MWM 11,143 1 block south of Highway 66 3 views [These two businesses were directly on an early alignment of 66]
Nackard Inn Flagstaff Colourpicture K3739 1 Block So. of U.S. 66 2 views
66 Motel Flagstaff Colourpicture K5782
Sunset Camp Flagstaff National Press 4143-P 2 Miles East Flagstaff, Ariz.
Trail Riders Lodge Flagstaff National Press Hiway 66, 1/2 Mi. West of Flagstaff
Vandevier Lodge and Dining Room Flagstaff MWM 1485-S 402 W. Santa Fe Greenish tone
Lava Beds and Sunset Mt., Highway 66 Northern Arizona Curteich 5B-H734
Meteor Crater ~~~ 4150 Ft. Wide ~ 600 Ft. Deep Herz 9-2103
Meteor Crater between Flagstaff and Winslow Curteich 5B-H733
The Great Meteor Crater of Arizona Curteich 2C-H862 Aerial view
Bazell Modern Court Winslow Associate
Beacon Motel Winslow Tichnor 83815 Shell gasoline Link
Drumm's Auto Court Winslow Associate
Grand Cafe Winslow National Press 101 E. 2nd St.
La Siesta Motel Winslow Willens 34070 2 views
La Siesta Motel Winslow Willens 12,436F 2 views
Arizona Rancho Holbrook National F18128 [One block east of 66 on Tovar]
El Patio Auto Court Holbrook Asco
El Patio Autel Holbrook Smith 88196
Forest Motel Holbrook McGarr 10702N
Ranch House Motel Holbrook Smith 87213 2 views Link
66 Motel and Cafe Holbrook Associate
66 Motel and Cafe Holbrook Curteich 9B-H1091
66 Motel and Cafe Holbrook David Lionel 14,544F
Sundown Dining Room and Coffee Shop Holbrook McGarr 16426N
Sundown Motel Holbrook Nationwide F18429
Whiting Brothers DeLuxe Motel Holbrook McGarr 30939N
Wigwam Village No. 6 Holbrook Curteich 1C-H373 800 W. Hopi Drive 3 views Link
Painted Desert, From Highway 66 Painted Desert Curteich 6A-H1517
The Painted Desert From U.S. Highway 66 Painted Desert Herz 9-2100
Painted Desert Inn Petrified Forest Associate [Off 66 on Rim Drive] 2 views Map at bottom
Painted Desert Inn Petrified Forest Curteich 8B-H72
[Off 66 on Rim Drive]
Painted Desert Inn Petrified Forest Curteich 8B-H73
[Off 66 on Rim Drive]
Trading Post at the Rim Painted Desert Park Curteich 9A-H1270
Mammoth Rock Formation N.M. - ARIZ. State Line Curteich 9A-H1271
East and west of Lupton